GOLFZON Simulator Technology


The best simulator
on the market.

So realistic, you’ll forget you’re playing indoors.

- 30,000 simulators in operation in 48 countries
- 55 million rounds/year
- 2 million online members
- 300 tournaments/day
-Immaculate Accuracy



Equipped with the Golfzon App, data is your asset. You’ll be as informed about your game as the Pros. Your exact measurements are used to set up tailored information. Swing analytics + your virtual caddie will help you identify exactly what’s working and what’s not. Purchase a membership card at EIGC ($5) to start taking advantage of this technology!

Swing Replay. Playing is believing. Seeing is improving.   

Swing Replay gives you the advantage of seeing your swing while you’re playing a round. Your best swing of the day is transmitted automatically to your online profile. You have it in you to be better. GOLFZON technology gives you the encouragement you need.

GOLFZON technology is spoken globally.

Golf is a social sport. Imagine playing in tournaments around the world. GOLFZON technology gives you the ability to play in tournaments near and far. You even get to see each other’s swing replay videos. Check scoreboards and statistics. Compare and share your score, distance, and other shot data. This is not a replacement for the game you love, it’s an all new level of access.

Popular course that you can play!